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Jojo - The High Road

TITLE: The High Road
LABEL: Blackground Records
BITRATE: 199kbps avg
PLAYTIME: 0h 45min total
RELEASE DATE: 2006-10-17
RIP DATE: 2006-10-06

Track List
01. This Time 3:28
02. The Way You Do Me 3:14
03. Too Little Too Late 3:41
04. The High Road 3:50
05. Anything 3:50
06. Like That 3:48
07. Good Ol' 4:08
08. Coming For You 3:30
09. Let It Rain 3:48
10. Exceptional 3:44
11. How To Touch A Girl 4:27
12. Note To God 4:27

Release Notes:
JoJo's sophomore album The High Road, which features productions
by Scott Storch, Timbaland, Swizz Beatz, Jonathan "J.R." Rotem,
Jermaine Dupri, and Ryan Leslie will be released on October 17,
2006. On The Second JammX Kids All Star Dance Special, she
premiered a new song entitled "Anything", which samples Toto's
1982 hit single "Africa". The lead single of the album is "Too
Little Too Late", which debuted at number ninety and peaked at
number three in the U.S. It has also found its way to number one
on iTunes Top Songs after its release to the music downloading
giant on Tuesday, September 13, 2006. JoJo has stated that her
second single from The High Road will be an uptempo song. Fans
have assumed that JoJo will release "This Time". AOL has given
fans a preview of her album and have said the following:

"This Time" – JoJo sports a more urban flavor as she takes
responsibility for a relationship gone bad.

"The Way You Do Me" – JoJo channels Beyoncé and stretches her
voice to powerful new highs on this hip-hop-influenced cut.

JoJo has stated that her third album will not be released until
she turns eighteen, citing that she wants audiences to "see
growth" in her music.

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